Bio-Flex® Gold For The Cure®. Help us support Pediatric Cancer Research & Awareness.
Help us support Pediatric Cancer Research & Awareness.
Bio-Flex® Gel, Polymer Coated

Bio-Flex® Gel, Polymer Coated


High performance powder-free latex exam glove that is Gel coated for ease of donning and Polymer coated inside and out for added protection. The gloves are softer for extra comfort and flexibility and thicker for greater protection and durability.

Packaging: 10 boxes per case, 100 gloves per box. Minimum order of 1 case.
$ 7.45/box

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Anatomically designed for comfortable fit
Excellent barrier protection with low AQL
Micro-Textured surface for enhanced tactile sensitivity even under wet conditions
Easy donning, extremely durable and tear resistant
Low Modulus Latex Formulation makes the gloves soft and reduces hand fatigue
Powder-free to reduce risk of powder contamination or interference with hospital, dental and laboratory tests
Manufactured to rigorous quality standards (ISO 9001)
Thickness: 6.2 MIL


Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 17 x 10 in
AQL (Pinhole Test)


Glove Lengh

240 mm

Palm Width

XS – 76 mm + 4 mml, S – 84 mm + 4 mm, M – 94 mm + 4 mm, L – 105 mm + 4 mm, XL – 110 mm + 4 mm

Fingertip Thickness

0.22 mm + 0.04 mm (8.66 mils)

Palm Thickness

0.19 mm + 0.04 mm (7.48 mils)

Cuff Thickness

0.11 mm + 0.04 mm (4.33 mils)

Protein Level

Less than 50 mcg/g